The Boy is Oz – Kobi Oz

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A few years ago Kobi Oz, a well known Israeli musician and lead singer in the band Tipex, made a splash in international circles with a Eurovision entry which created some controversy among the peace loving nations of Europe. “Push the Button” may not have won Eurovision but it certainly attracted some attention at the time.

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Since then, Kobi Oz, has been performing for more and more diaspora audiences and bringing his personal narrative and experiences to thousands of people who may have previously been unexposed to this truly unique individual.

This latest collaboration with MAKOM is an exciting and dynamic approach to bringing contemporary Israeli culture to Jews all around the world.

Makom on Kobi Oz’ Mizmorei Nevuchim

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Peoplehood Follow Up

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Food Glorious Food: I have an idea – but I need your help:

Last Updated on Friday, 12 February 2010 02:48 Written by bryfy Friday, 12 February 2010 02:42

I just finished watching Jamie Oliver, the world renowned British chef – and I am inspired. His presentation on healthy eating is something that every educator, parent, grandparent and anyone else who feeds our children, should watch (and it wouldn’t hurt the younger generation to watch it either)

It got me thinking about the obligatory Jewish cooking classes that many Jewish supplementary high school programs offer – and why not?

They’re popular, relatively simple to plan, and you slip in the Jewish content piece without the kids even realize that they’re learning.

But here’s where Oliver challenges us. The real strength of Jewish education in the future – especially for our teenagers – will be offering quality programming, that competes with the many other choices they have, and us seen as adding real value to their lives. If it happens in a Jewish setting, with Jewish friends – that are the bonuses that we know Jewish socialization has to offer.

So here’s the challenge. Let’s design a Healthy Jewish Cooking curriculum. Chopped liver, challah, matzah balls, honey cake all have their cultural importance only matched by their caloric significance. But now is our chance to create a healthy lifestyle that is also Jewishly rich – how much more value added could one ask for?

So let’s hear from you – Please post for us all in the comments below: what are your favorite healthy Jewish recipes? Maybe even add a few sentences about the Jewish significance of your recipe. Let’s see if we can put together a cook book, and perhaps even a curriculum, that leverages the power of the blogosphere.

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