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What do we know about Jewish teens today?

Understanding technology in relation to our Jewish teens? or
Confronting the Realities of My Teenager’s Virtual World
The teenage world is very different today. In particular the unknown world of technology opens up many questions and concerns that we must address. There are many new realities that families must confront when dealing with the virtual spaces that your children are engaged in. This interactive presentation will help answer many of your questions, alleviate many of your concerns and present you with helpful strategies in helping to better understand the virtual worlds of teenagers today.

Some questions that I will address:
What are teenagers doing online today?
What is some of the lingo that I need to know in order to communicate with my child?
How can we learn more about these virtual spaces?
What are some of the major issues that we need to be aware of?
What should we be anxious about and what should we be embracing?

What are some strategies that we can develop with our children in relation to these online worlds?

Me, My Friends and Community: How do social networking web-sites help us to better understand the ways in which Jewish teenagers today conceive of their own identities?

Where have all the boys gone?

What we know and what we think we know about Jewish Teens today?
What is it that we know, or think we know, about the enigmatic species of the teenager and their sub-set, the Jewish teenager? This forum will explore some of the myths, and possibly some of the realities of what it means to be a (Jewish) teenager in the new millennium. Rather than only focusing on the often highlighted negative stereotypes of teenagers this forum will look at both the “negative” and “positive” aspects of the adolescent – but more importantly will look at this generation as teenagers and not as adults-in-the-making. This somewhat radical conception of the Jewish teenager in the here and now opens up a world of possibilities in terms of what we know about them, what we can discover about them, and how we can program for them in more significant and impactful ways.


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