Size doesn’t matter, but image does…

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There are some postings that should only go on a personal blog and not on a work-related site – this could be one of them. This video has been making its way around some Jewish circles – but take a look at this advertisement and tell me what you think….

YouTube Preview Image

But there is a bit of a history of commercials like these…

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

So, what is the image that we are trying to create of this land of ours ???

All comments welcome – but please keep it clean, we don’t really know who is reading this blog

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  1. Robbie   |  Wednesday, 03 March 2010 at 12:36 am

    two ways I look at this ad, and the others you added. On the one hand, the popularity of a short video doesn’t have any specific effect on connection to Israel. After all, online stuff about Operation Cast Lead was also massively ‘popular’ – not convinced we’d call that a win for Israel’s image.

    other way of looking at it – the advertisers in all these vids you so educationally and thoughtfully posted are telling us something that educators know but refuse to acknowledge – the most powerful experiences on a visit to Israel are created by teenage hormones, far more than archeology or thoughtful programming… Israel really is sexy…

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