The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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It was 2006 and we were preparing for the annual JEXNET (or was it still the NAA) conference and then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had a stroke.  In order to prepare for the worst I quickly put together this very amateurish PowerPoint Presentation. 8 years after going into a coma, Arik Sharon passes away – and this presentation was never refined and never saw the light of day until this morning, saved mysteriously on my hard drive, moving over at least 3 computers in that time, and released today without any editing – other than changing “1928 -2006” to “1928-2014.”

The lion finally sleeps tonight.

Ariel Sharon (Movie file)

Sharon (Powerpoint that can be downloaded (I think)

Originally both presentations had the background music of Shlomo Artzi: Ha Ish Hau

Where are there more people
Like that man
That was like the weeping willows

By the mountain footsteps, he was born by the creek
In the winter he sang among the weeping willows
In the summer among the lights of the shallow waters
His bread he spread on the creek for the fish
From the reed he shaped himself a kite
And when he became a man
From the stems of the weeping willows he built a sun-shade/ sukkah
From the fortress grey stone he built himself a house
on the creek he built a mill
He planted fields
He sent his might over the seas in merchant ships
But there is one that will rest his tools
And suddenly become a different person

Where are there more …..

By the mountain footsteps, he was born by the creek
He will wonder absent minded on the mountain or in the Poplar grove
And when he is fallen on a clear morning on his land
They will buy him a grave site
By the quiet water aquaducts

Where are there more …..

And like an ancient fortress he was at the end of the road

Where are there more …..

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